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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hacker attack techniques and tactics: Understanding hacking strategies

Introduction of hacking

Although this famous Chinese general determines nothing about hacking techniques as he had heard 2,500 years ago, "The Art of War," wrote so you have to agree with his recommendation to know that it is very good, the enemy and his techniques only. If they had a network administrator, then one of its main tasks the defense of their own systems. Knowing what attacks are possible and how to combat them is a huge help and allows them to keep their systems from damage. Although there are thousands of possible attacks, which are read in countless books and websites to the smallest detail, to give them the following five categories an excellent overview of the lion's share of attacks that may threaten their systems.

Standard Attacks

Nowadays you get any hardware or network application on the market in the rule with the following settings: User name and password that allow an administrator to access the system. One of the most common ways to get unauthorized access to a system is that the administrators do not change these default settings. Whether this is a database application, a router or a printer - the protection against these attacks is very simple. The first thing that should make everyone, if she/he is a new system connects to a network or install an application on a server, the immediate need to change the default access settings.


Phishing is probably the technique of virtual identity theft more popular than exists on the network because of its effectiveness, but much of this honor comes on the basis of its establishment and procedure, which may be of the most easy and economical to carry out. What usually happens is that the perpetrators make a false application, message, mail or any means with the aim of bringing the user to log into your account, for example, its commercial banks to continue with whatever was interested in the message? The trick is that when the user enters their email address and your password on the wrong page of your bank, the information sent to a text file on the server hosting the fake page or by mail to which it attacks.


Leaves many users store passwords you use every day in browsers, but beyond that anyone can enter and go to these passwords manually, as there are applications that automatically stealers steal sensitive data through commands stored very easy to perform or even GUIs accessible to any attacker. Its use with auto run pen drives can be a powerful combination.

Parallel Session Hijacking (Side jacking)

Similar in function and objectives that the hijacking, but the difference this time take advantage of victims who are connected to the same network or public wi-fi open the perpetrator. The side jacking is a normal session hijacking, but over wi-fi networks, so that the process is similar. Applications that performs sniffing, using both Chrome and Firefox that to have Fire sheep, that shows the active sessions and unprotected in a wireless network.

DNS Spoofing

It is very similar to phishing. That is, if you share with someone local network connection and this person wants to know your password, say, Facebook, you can create a site using redirection reply and that opens when you enter the actual address of Facebook. In this case, you are giving data directly to this person and probably not because you find out could then send the information, we redirect back to the beginning of simulating a bad original Facebook password input or redirected to your profile through the creation of a parallel process that takes center stage once the part of data theft.
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