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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Underscores vs dashes in URLs - Which is Better?

The best thing I love about webmaster team is Matt Cutts video tutorials. He discusses SEO Tips and removes misconceptions and myths being wrongly propagated by several SEO agencies. I am proud of Google's great customer service.  We all write post titles daily and these titles are responsible for driving most of the traffic from search engines. People often don't realize that every single character in the title has its own significance. Titles that are called the king are only those which are highly optimized in terms of keyword choice, word limit and use of Special Characters that we will be discussing today.

What is an optimized title?

Any title which has these features:
  • Title containing no more than 66 Characters.Use one liners
  • Title containing simple daily used English words. You don't need to use complex Vocabulary and no need to consult a Thesaurus for writing titles. Just apply the rule of KISS (Keep it simple Stupid). Average internet user always go for words that sound familiar in search results page.
  • Select choice of words from Google Keyword Tool. Ignore word Tracker
  • You can use the following symbols frequently:     -  :   !  ?     
  • Use the following symbols rarely:  . &  %  # |
  • Never use the long Dash or Underscore i.e.  _     

Lets See What Google Says

Matt Cutts from webmaster help suggests that Underscores should always be avoided because Underscores are normally used by programmers while writing algorithms and is often misinterpreted by search robots. He suggested that dashes are much better to act as separators. Lets see what else he said:

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