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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Must know things in HACKING

Hey guys , how you doing ? hope everything is alryt ! :)
Well some of my friends like ujjwal ;-) asked me about port numbers , IPs , and all those basics . So i thought it would be good if  i post a tutorial on these things .
I'll be explaining these things in brief .


So here i start . I'll be explaining about IPs , Port numbers , port scanners , IP scanners , whois and in brief .
Because in network or web-hacking these are most fundamental and most essential information you are gonna use .


IP is short form of Internet Protocol. Like we all have unique address and u can say phone numbers , every computer connected to any network , that might be internet or any private network , must have its own unique IP.

We track any computer through its IP only . There are two types of IP
  • Static ip - these types of IPs are generally assigned to organizations , like your college or university may have static IP.
  • Dynamic IP - these type of IP are assigned to private users like us . Dynamic IPs keep on changing.
To know about how to find IP of anyone check my tutorial on How to know the IP of your friend .

Port numbers

Port numbers are virtual ports on your computer on which different services are running . like when you browse internet , http - protocol for website browsing , uses port 80 .
When hacking a particular computer on any network , after IP address , port number is the most important thing you need to know . If our desired port is opened , we can exploit that according to our choice . Ports can be closed using firewalls.

Suppose someone says that some website's FTP password is this . now what he mean is , FTP : file transfer protocol , by which you can manage your files on a server via any ftp client , or via your command prompt or terminal , can be used using this password.
Now you must know how to use ftp via your command window. you use ftp command in both linux and window to get it done here is an example :
ftp (23) //23 is optional as default port for ftp is 23

IP and Port scanners

There are lot of tools to know the computers which are connected to a particular network by scanning the network by any of these tools. You just have to give the IP range you want to scan for. I am listing some of the scanners below , these scanners shows you open PORTS too.
  • Angry IP scanner
  • LAN scanner
  • Advanced IP scanner
Just google them to download .


First step in  a mannered website hacking is footprinting or information gathering.
whois is a very popular service used by hackers to get information about whatever website they going to hack.
How to use whois:
simple, just search google for whois , then go to any site and enter the website address there. It will show you details of the website . some usefull links are :

This is fun :) .
Go to and put any website address there and then click on TAKE ME BACK button . It will show you the history of that site , like when it was published and the dates when it was modified , how it looked back then. this is also a very good step in footprinting .

Guys plz comment and share and like .... thanks
Stay Tuned !!!!

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please tell me how to see cctv camera......
i want to hack my collage cctv camera so plz tell me..............................!!!!!!!1

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