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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top 30 Most Earning Websites of 2011

30 Websites who earn huge money in the month today . Earning websites in the world, for some of these websites, $50 million in revenue a day is just a typical day, crazy isn’t it? And it was all created in the last 10 or so years! I usually would do a write up about how the list rocks and why you should do it to but I think the figures speak for themselves, enjoy!

May be we also get a chance to earn so much and may come one day in this list and I am sharing it just for knowledge , it has no link with hacking ...

RankWebsiteFoundersAnnual RevenuePer Second
1 Larry Page and Sergey Brin$21,800,000,000$691.27
2 Jeff Bezos$19,166,000,000$607.75
3 Jerry Yang and David Filo$7,200,000,000$228.31
4 Pierre Omidyar$6,290,000,000$199.45
5 Nathan Myhrvold.$3,214,000,000$101.92
6 Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek,$2,250,000,000$71.35
7 Jeff Robbin$1,900,000,000$60.25
8 Marshal Vace$1,892,000,000$59.99
9 Jesse Fink$1,884,000,000$59.74
10 Added Mark Schroeder$1,447,000,000$45.88
11 Reed Hastings$1,200,000,000$38.05
12 Terry Jones$1,100,000,000$34.88
13 Nick Swinmurn$1,000,000,000$31.71
14 David Litman$1,000,000,000$31.71
15 Erik Prince$968,000,000$30.70
16 Jeff Katz$870,000,000$27.59
17 Robert Brazell$834,000,000$26.45
18 Tom Anderson$800,000,000$25.37
19 Niklas Zennstrom$550,841,000$17.47
20 Zhang Chaoyang$429,000,000$13.60
21 Robb Brock$400,000,000$12.68
22 Eric Baker$400,000,000$12.68
23 Jack Ma$316,000,000$10.02
24 Mark Zuckerberg$300,000,000$9.51
25 Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim,$300,000,000$9.51
26 Mark Vadon$295,000,000$9.35
27 Stephen Kaufer$260,000,000$8.24
28 Mark Getty$233,200,000$7.39
29 Garry Itkin$207,000,000$6.56
30 Henry Jarvis Raymond$175,000,000$5.55

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there is a great difference b/w google and yahoo in 2000 yahoo is the best search engine...

but google is amazing , google also earning thru many ways like google plus gmail orkut etc that y its revenue is so high

yups I agree to Simon google has many ways to earn money that's why its best ....

This is a really interesting article! I am surprised that Facebook and You Tube aren't a bit higher though. I can't believe how much they all earn per second its amazing. Google is always my 'go to' website though I have to admit.

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XEO Hacker

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