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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get Huge Traffic from StumbleUpon to Your Blog / Site

StumbleUpon is a very popular social bookmarking website which drives loads more traffic to your site.Mostly people don't know what StumbleUpon is. Its a simple bookmarking site used to bookmark your pages.It helps you to discover and share great websites. By using StumbleUpon’s browser toolbar, you can connect with stumblers those who are interested to your topics and share your information. This social bookmarking website gives you pages that others, with the same kinds of interests, have highlighted in their searches.
For Instance : If you’re someone who enjoys reading information on internet tools topics, then you would be shown places to check out that contains internet tools information.

SignUp for your Stumbleupon Account

  • Create your Stumbleupon account. 
  • Make sure you have added all the details along with profile image, gender, date of birth, these details will help you to get more visible in StumbleUpon engine.

Download and Install StumbleUpon toolbar

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine and it recommends the best of the web, personalized just for you. Discover useful and entertaining content and information with StumbleUpon anytime, wherever you are, from any device. So get one of them :

Choose Your Topics of Interest

Now you have to specify what kind of site you owned which you would like to stumble, by selecting your topics of interest. Go to Settings > Manage Interests, browse through all the available master categories listed on the left column and among them select the topics you are interested in. Make sure you save the page before you navigate to another page!. You may select your interests upto maximum of 127 topics out of 500 topics

Connect with your friends on StumbleUpon

  • Now add more friends.
  • They will help you to get more views for your favorite or newly discovered topics. 
  • You may share your favorites easily by importing your email contacts, and also add the people who have same interests in stumbleupon, stumbleupon itself suggest you to find friends those who are having same interests to you.

Start sharing sites with other Stumblers

  • Now start sharing your favorite websites,blogs or webpages with other stumblers. 
  • StumbleUpon account make it easy for you to find friends you already know in real life, who are also on StumbleUpon.

Make New Discovers

  • Make new discovered webpages and allow stumblers to view and review it. 
  • The more people will subscribe to your favorites, more friends requests you will get and become popular there , and in future your stumbles will have potential to generate more exposure. 
  • Don't submit your links from one particular website more frequently. This may lead you to loose your community members due to get boring of your information that you keep posting

Surf Around StumbleUpon and Give Some Thumbs Up

  • Now move around with your interest and find others stumbles and like their stumbles and also make review,. this is one of the finest way to get your account more familiarize.
Note : In case you’re new to StumbleUpon, to stumble means to click the Stumble! button in your web bar or StumbleUpon browser extension to browse pictures, videos, articles, other blogs and much more that StumbleUpon recommends just for you based on your unique mix of interests, preferences, and friend.

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I've tried StumbleUpon 3 years ago for my blogs and indeed you can get pretty much traffic from it. I left the site because the traffic that I get seem not converting into sales and it just add up to my bounce rate. Over all, StumbleUpon is a great site. I'm using it too to read blogs.

@Samuel Samson : From the experiments it shows that the visitors coming from stumble upon visits 1.26 pages per user and more over mostly users coming from stumble upon are from US and it helps in increasing the Alexa ranking very much .....

So guys must try this site on your blog ad get a lot of traffic ...

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XEO Hacker

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