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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What is TOR ? How can I change my IP Address using TOR

In the last post I have told about What is IP address ?? and How can I change my IP Address?? . Now in this tutorial I am gonna tell about a software named TOR . This software is used to change your IP Address like if your current IP is showing that you are working from a city in Asia then after using TOR ,it will be shown that you are working from suppose Canada . In other words ,it will totally change your location and no one can find your real location using your IP . Its the best way to secure your PC and serve internet anonymously.

What Does TOR do ?

First I want to tell you that its just for extra knowledge I just want to explain the importance of this software but you can skip this section and move on to next to know how to install TOR.TOR hides our computer identity by acting as an intermediary between us and the web server that we are accessing,just like a hinderance.Suppose we break into a server using a proxy server thinking that we are anonymous. But what if owner of web server starts enquiring about the clients connecting to it using the proxy server  and it is possible that owners of proxy server might  reveal our identity. So now the problem starts that we are not save even using proxy but this is resolved by TOR .So,here comes the concept of THE ONION ROUTING (TOR) into picture. By using this , the client traffic is supposed to be passed from three different servers or nodes before reaching to actual web server. It may randomly take any path through any three nodes.

Lets consider it has taken path shown by green arrows. Now
  • Node 1 knows only actual origin(client) but not actual destinantion(web server).
  • Node 5 neither knows actual origin nor actual destinantion.
  • Node 9 knows actual destination but not actual origin.
Thus no one exactly knows which client is accessing which web server. So it is highly anonymous and you can serve net without any problem. Now Lets come to main Section.

How to Install TOR

Installing TOR is not much difficult ,just follow the simple steps :
  • First of all, download the TOR Software.  (You can also easily download it from their official site as its totally free to use).
  • Now Install it Click on NEXT as shown in below figure. 
  •  It will ask for components to Install .Check all and click Next.
  • Now give the location where you want to Install it.
  • Now Install the Add-on for browser.
  • Now restart your firefox and You have completed installing TOR Software .

How to Start TOR Software ?

  • Open the 'Vidalia Control Panel' from the task bar.
  • Click on 'Start Tor'.
  • When it shows Connected To The Network ,it means now its connected/
  •  Now open Mozilla Firefox browser, single click on red highlighted 'Tor Disabled' on right corner of browser and it will turn to green highlighted 'Tor Enabled'. 
  • Now your TOR is connected and your can search on net with the proxy of TOR.
  • Now to check whether your TOR is working fine just log on to Whatismyip and you will see that your IP is changing continuously after some intervals of time .
NOTE : Whenever we use proxy software , our net speed drops as now our net is divided into routes ,first it is going to proxy server and then coming to you.

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