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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post Animated Pictures in Your Facebook Status

These days , you might have noticed that many people are posting tiny animated images in their Facebook status updates. Particularly on Facebook Pages,this turn is growing day by day. I have already posted about How to use Stylish Fonts in your Facebook Status but what about using both Stylish font and Tiny Animated Images together.They will create more fun. Those tiny animated pictures which we are going to add are called "Emoji art". Actually, Facebook doesn't allow to use them so you can't post those pictures directly to your wall,although ,any Facebook developers have introduced some applications on Facebook and by using them you can easily post those animated pictures on your Facebook walls or even can send a message to your friend.
NOTE : While writing a status you will see some sort of unsupported codes and you wouldn't actually see those pictures BUT once you have posted those weird-looking codes in your Status, they will automatically turned to animated pictures.
There are two applications which allows you to post Emoji art on your Facebook.Lets check them one by one.

1) Emoticonize your Post

"Emoticonize your Post" is one of the best,most used and popular application to post animated pictures in your Facebook status updates.This application has around one million likes.Not much difficult to use,Just follow the simple below steps and you are on :
  •  Choose any of them and it will be automatically posted in the area below Select anyway you want to write by selecting these icons.
  • Once you have done adding them, Click on POST.
  • Now press Ctrl+V and copy all of them and paste the content in the next popup box as shown below :
  •  Now as I have said above in NOTE, you wouldn't see images, but don't worry they will appear in the status .... :))

Animated Pictures

Let's come to the second application named Animated Pictures.Same This is different from the above application in the sense that ,in spite of allowing to post animated pictures in Facebook, Animated Pictures also allows you to write your favorite lines in Facebook and use animated pictures where ever  you want.

  • Go to Application page and allow the Application
  • Now Click on Emoji animations as shown in below picture :

  •  In order to load more animated pictures click on "X" button and close the advertisements.
  •  Now in "Message" box, write whatever you want. 
  • Click on the desired image,when you want the animated picture to appear in your message.
  • You may also click on Preview to see how this will look like.
  •  Now Select the option where you want to share this Animated Message i.e. friends wall,your wall,  group, pages etc. as options are given.
  •  Now click on Send after you have done with your message.
  • Press CTRL+V and click on Share.
  • Thats it !
My experience : Personally I like the first application more than the second one.Well try both and do let me know,which one you like most...... :))

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i have used these smilies on orkut but i was not expecting to use them on facebook great work

what i feel is 2nd app is better than 1st as it also has the option to add text which is not in 1st
well great post

I never knew that you could do this on Facebook! Really good to know, thanks so much.

@Yoga holidays u r welcome bro and ya these are really cool app of Facebook

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