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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Know the IP Address of Your Friend

Hey guys , how u been ??? how was diwali anyway !!!!
i didnt have that great diwali .. :( ,anyway ... some were asking about finding IP addresses , but they didnt tell about whose IP address to find and where so m trying to make a post on this .IM (instant messangers ) like Facebook , gtalk , MSN , or any local IRC .. all of these have different topology or architecture or algorithm for chat function lets first discuss about it .

MSN or local IRC

When u chat with your friend using MSN or local IRC , behind the scene you are actually directly connected to the person's system itself .


When you start chat with any of your friend , first the chat server connects itself to you as well as your friend and when both connections are fully established , it removes itself from the middle and connects both the system's to one another.

In this case getting IP is very easy , follow these :
  • before starting chat issue a command netstat -a or netstat -an or netstat -an -p tcp in ur command prompt .(i'll explain)
  • now start chat and after exchanging 2-3 messages again issue same command .
  • now compare both results .. is there any new connection in 2nd scan which was not there in previous scan !!!
  • thats the IP of your friend.
[PS: make sure no other connections are opened in your browser]
Explanation of the commands : (you can get this by typing netstat /? in your command prompt :P )
  • netstat -a : this command is used to display all connection and listening ports (this command takes time )
  • netstat -an : this is almost same as netstat -a but it works faster as it diaplays data in numerical form
  • netstat -an -p tcp : this command is an extension of netstat -an just a filter is used by adding -p tcp in it , it displays tcp connections only . (u'll need this)

Facebook and Gtalk

the topology in this is something like below :
Your system <===> facebook/gtalk server <====> your friend's system.

so if u use above method in this u'll end up getting no result , even if u get any result that will be the IP of the server so wat to do in this case ???
well u can use this method :
  • go to .
  • there you'll find 3 fields
    1. Link for the person
    2. Redirect URL
    3. Link for you
  • Field 1 for the person you want to get the IP of , give that link and say something so that he'll go there
  • field 2 is for you to choose ... enter any url u want to redirect that person to .
  • field 3 is for you to use ... save that url in field 3 and keep checking for your victim's IP

By E-mails

Well this is a bit complecated so i'll cover this on next post

So guys thats it .. these are some ways to get their IP. Let me know if you know some other methods .. whoops i forgot to mention something

"trick: if u own a domain .. and u want to know about someone's IP .... just give him a address of ur domain which doesnt exist like .. provided something.jpg doesnt exist . then check ur log u'll find a IP who visited that fake url :)"

Hope you enjoyed this .. thanks for reading :)
Stay Tuned !!!
(comment and like plz )

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