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Friday, November 18, 2011

Chapter 5 : Give Your Comment Form a Professional Look

Hello guys ,hope you all are fine and enjoying good health .First thing I was busy that's why posting this chapter so late. In our previous posts we have learn about How to Make your Blog Post Attractive and then we checked Widgets and Add-ons essential for blogger . After these two posts we are now done with the template as we have customized both the posts and the widgets. Now the only remaining part on the blog is Comment portion. So in this chapter we will learn how to customized a comment system which is actually very important as the visitors usually judge the popularity of a post with its number of comments.

Blogger Comment System

Blogger Comment System is very poor as compared to wordpress or joomla.If you check comment system of wordpress then u will really say that its looking a professional site but in case of blogger its just a simple notepad type and today in this chapter we will try to make it as best as we can.Follow the bellow steps to customize it.

a) Customize Blogger Comment form :

  • First of all follow this tutorial step by step to Customize Blogger Comment Form & Make It Attractive  
  • Now the most important thing choose that comment form style which is similar to your blog style.
  • Like in our blog HWS you have seen that the comment border color is as same as the color of headings or the color of links.
  • But the problem is how to change the color of borders etc to make it similar to your blog color, for this I have completely mentioned in above tutorial which color is doing what and with the help of  this tool HTML Color Code Generator you can easily get your desired color.
  • You have also seen that comment system on HWS gives a professional look so just follow this tutorial and make your comment system as same as mine .

b) Change Author Comment Color :

  • Next thing is author's comment , dont you think that author's comments must be different from the visitor comments.
  • When a new visitor comes to your post and he finds something difficult he immediately moves to the comments to check whether someone else asks about it or not and when he can easily see the admin's comment then it will be a relief for him as now he doesn't need to read all the comments ,he just read the author's comment to find solution to his problem.
  • Now how can you change the authors comment style.Read this tutorial and Change Author Comments Color Style In Blogger quite easily.
  • You can also make changes to this code . Just play with the code and get your desired color for author's comment with the help of  HTML Color Code Generator 
  • But again the same thing try to maintain the flow of your blog , as in HWS the author's comment color is again sky blue .... :))
  • I know these are very minor things but these minor things bring a great impact. Trust me ......

c) Add a note above

d) Add a reply button

 That's it for today but I have missed one thing here which is how to add a reply button on each comment ,I will post about it soon and then will add it to this chapter. Your feedback is really important so that I may write the next chapter ...... Take care :))

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