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Friday, September 2, 2011

Get the most out of EmbeePay / Embee Mobile

I have posted about Get free mobile credit thru EmbeePay in my recent posts where I have shown the proof of getting easy load from embee pay. Now I have some better techniques to earn through embee pay.

What is Embee Pay

If you are looking for the best way to get free minutes for your prepaid phone then you should check out embee mobile on Facebook. With embeepay you can earn free minutes for you cell phone plan. This makes the cost even lower for you. If you are wondering how Embee works then you need to continue reading, you will be amazed on how easy it is for you to get free minutes.

How To Make EmbeePay Work For You

If you are checking Embee Mobile on Facebook out then you are probably wondering how to get the most minutes in the least amount of time. There are some simple little tricks of the trade to completing the offers and making sure you get credit for what you have done. This is the system that I like to call "Working the Embee Way".

Working the Embee Way

Remember that saving money is like making money. This is because the more you can save the more you have. So, if you no longer have to buy minutes for you phone then you essentially make an extra $30 a month. This can be turned into a nice dinner out or even put away for that rainy day fund. Learning how to complete surveys and offers on EmbeePay will help you achieve the goal of having a completely free cell phone.
The following little tips are easy and will work with just about any of the paid offers on Embee on Facebook.
  • Choose Free offers. I say this mainly because if you are looking for a way to save money then you need to stick to the free offers and there are plenty of them to choose from.
  • When choosing an offer or survey then keep in mind that they might be asking for some personal information. This information can include your name, address and phone number. You have to use 100% completely true information. They have safeguards in place that can detect false information and this practice can get you banned.
  • When it comes to the car insurance offers you have to be ready to be contacted by insurance providers. This is a must and you have to truly interested in researching insurance costs. Please note that these offers are quick and offer a nice amount of Embee minutes.
  • When completing the offers you have to wait for each page to load. Do not just open something up and close it hoping to get credit. You wont and you will be disappointed
  • If you complete the offer completely you will probably have a confirmation email. You need to go into your email and confirm in order to get credit. Also, please wait a day or two to get credit. Even if some of the offers state that they report on a 15 minute delay. There are sometimes that they get bogged down and require a bit more waiting on your part.
  • If you still have yet to receive credit for the offer then contact support. If you can provide proof that you did the offer. The confirmation email including all headers is required for this. Then you may receive credit for the offer after providing this information to support.
  • You can not complete the same offer more than once. With Embee you have a few choices as to what program to use. More times than not they will have repeat offers on them. Keep in mind that you are unable to complete the same offer. If you try, you risk the chance of not getting credit and getting banned.
  • Try to complete offers that offer the most embee minutes for you time. Remember that you need a minimum of 150 embee minutes to receive a $15 Verizon card. So, the quicker you can get to this point the faster you can your free prepaid cell phone minutes.
  • The easiest way to get embee minutes is to watch videos. Remember to check daily for these videos. They are always free and only take a couple minutes. Also, check out the Facebook Application of the day. With them you can get an easy 3 to 5 embee minutes each day. This adds up to 90 to 150 minutes each month.
  • Start enjoying your free cell phone and let your friends know. If your friends know that you talk and text for free then they will sign up. If they sign up under you, you can reap the rewards. This is because you get minutes when they complete offers.

There you have it. 10 tips that will improve your experience with Embee. You will also be able to get more minutes for your prepaid cell phone and start enjoying the free talk and text. Also, check out Embees wall because they hold weekly and sometimes daily contests for free minutes.

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