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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 4 : Widgets and Add-ons essential for blogger

Hello guys hope you all are fine and enjoying good health , Sorry for the delay of this chapter actually I was very busy in job and also in my hostel allotment as I have told about it on facebook . Well now I get time to write this chapter. In the previous chapters . In the previous chapters I have told you how to Setup a new Blog and also about How to choose an attractive template for blogger and in the recent chapter we learnt about How to Make Your Blog Post Attractive . Now in this chapter I will told you about the Widgets and adddons that are essential for the bloggers . I will try to tell you guys all the widgets I am using but still if you want to add any other widget and want to know how to add that widget then can ask in the comments.

List of Widgets

Following are the few widgets which I am using and I will recommend all the bloggers to use them as they are best for blogs :

Multi Tab Widget

Add Banner Widget

  • This one is also a great widget . I am not using it rite now but will use it in future.

  • I will recommned you to use it when you have enough traffic and other sites are find you worth enough to add their sites.

  • Its also a good source of earning for you.

  • Add 125 by 125 Add Banner to your blog .

Email Subscription form

  • Email Subscription is the most essential tool for bloggers because its a constant source of earning for you.

  • As much email subscribers you have ,so the traffic to your blog will increase .

  • So add a cool subscription form to your blog and it must be easily visible so that visitors can add their emails very easily.

  • Add a subsription option under each post which I have explained in previous post and also add a widget on your sidebar.

  • Add a cool Subsription form to your sidebar and enjoy the traffic .

Feed Subscription Form

  • This is also an other way to increase your traffic and the best way to attract other visitors.

  • If you have 500+ feed subscribers,it means you are doig a fabolous job.

  • Others sites ads cost also depends on it . When someone is willing to pay you for their ads then he must first check your feed subscribers.

  • Add a cool feed Icon to your Blog and enjoy traffic.

Add a Footer Column

  • As I have explained in my previous chapter that adding footer is very essential for the blog .

  • It increases the beeauty of your blog and also you can add many addons in it .

  • First try to get a template having footer but you have some blog without footer then herez the way to add a Customized Three Column Footer widget to your Blog .

Recent Post and Recent Column

Bookmarking Sites Widget

  • If you find some beautiful Bookmarking widgets then must add them to your blog.

  • Its a good way to get backlinks from these sites and also a lot of traffic.

  • I have posted about Twitter Recent Post Widget for Bloggers .

  • If you want to add any other widget and need help then ask in the comments .

Enough for today , hope I have helped you guys in some ways and I am waiting for the response about howz your blog looks after adding these widgets .... :))


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Great dude
just awesome
i really want to make my blog like yours and you really explained well each n every thing
fan of urs

you man I am just gonna add all these widgets to my blog and will tell you howz i found my blog

I was waiting for this new chapter from a long time thnx 4 tht
and hope you solve all your worries soon , please post the next chapter as early as possibly waiting for it

I have completely read it and its really great
i just wanna know one thing how to change the style n color fo admin comment and also about comment count
plz tell me about it

brilliant bro
please post the next chapter
as soon as possible
i m very eager to read that

These all are working gud except that feed icon
i m having problem with that
plx resolve it
i have added it but its not matching to my profile
dnt know y

@Chris thnx bro for the compliments .... :))

@gerald ..... ya sure i will be waiting for your reply and to know howz ur blog looking now

@rehan .... yups i will try to post the new chapter soon ....

@shankar yups In my new chapter I will post all about comment system how to improve it

@kami and sam ..... thnx guys ... :))

@serial killer ya sure bro u can but but do mention the credits and the link to this chapter .... thnx :))

@suresh yups will post the new chapter soon

@Chris use the color code generator ,u will find it in blogger tools and get those colors that can match to ur template

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