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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[TUT] Hack Adsense & get unlimited Clicks

In our previous post ,I have discussed What is Adsense and How to Earn Online with Adsense and then I explained the method to Approve adsense account in few days.Now you will be capable of getting an adsense account ,Now the question arises how to make money from adsense.Herez a simple hack to get unlimited clicks. If You Are Thinking That This Hack Is About Getting The Passes Of The Adsense Accounts, Then You Are Wrong.This Is About How To Get Unlimited Impressions And Ads Clicks Without Working For Even A Second.Get traffic into your site, NOW! . No Extra Investment.

  • What do I have to do?
Nothing but keeps your computer ON.Okay. Let us start doing this. As I am a web master as well, I used to buy traffic from others in order to increase my website popularity. However, it doesn’t seem to be working well as it doesn’t do much on the search engine bit and most of them are either fake traffic or too expensive for me. But here, today, I am introducing you a BRAND NEW method that you should KNOW to increase traffic for your site. You don’t have to have any skill or experience, just follow my step you will walk into SUCCESS. You can do this to your site, or you can even SELL traffic to others.

Site Requirements

Site requirement in order to receive traffic:

  • Less than 100kb (Will show you how to check)
  • No Porn content included (On that page)
  • No Virus/Malware
  • No Fancy JavaScript (Those who slow the browser)

So how do I check my page size?

  • It is easy, open up your IE or FireFox. 
  • Press "Ctrl+S" or Files->Save As.
  • Choose FULL WEB PAGE. 
  • Save it anywhere you want and go to that location. 
  • Select the folder and the html page and Right click->Properties. 
  • Look at their disk size and make sure they are under 100KB otherwise it MAY NOT WORK

The Main Thing Starts Here

  • Get into Virtual Visit and register with them.Oh shit, they are in Chinese! Don’t worry, Just follow me.
  • When you enter the homepage, click on the highlighted link.
  • Then Follow This


  • Download the RAR File and Unrar it..

  • Now we have to set up your site in their index.

  • You are ALL DONE. Remember to run the software every time you turn your computer on and it wills GENERATE UNLIMITED TRAFFIC to your site. Thank you.
Tip :-  If you have two computer (on different IP), you can use the software with same username to increase traffic.


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Herez the url .... they have changed the template of site a little but still the options are same ..... try google translator .... n if still have problem then ask here

its the same just use google translator and you will got everything

Im having trouble registrating in virtualvisit.cn
Im keep geting response email security error - or something like that.
I would much much apriciate your help with it ;-)
My email is : boogie3123@yahoo.com
Thank You !!!

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