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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Earn money thru data entry jobs

Traditional data entry requires one to either copy-paste certain text over and over again, continue to fill out simple forms, or something along those lines. It requires simple work that does not require much thinking, but rather a lot of repetitive tasks. You usually will not be asked for your opinions as you are in surveys or asked to "Tell Us What You Think". Data Entry jobs are plain and simple manual labor jobs. Hence, there are some people who will not mind doing them and can earn a lot of money quickly, while others will be miserable doing data entry. It is not for everyone.

Affiliate Marketing Through Data Entry Jobs

A good technique of earning money online is Data Entry Jobs. It is a part of Affiliate Marketing where you have to promote the products or services of the merchants in order to get commission on sales.. Now, in order to promote,you want a media through which you have to promote. From Affiliate Program Provider, you get affiliate links, banners etc for advertising online. You can advertise the affiliate links through Google Adwords.  Google publishes ads in their search result pages  " through sponsored links". For publishing ads in Google  ad network, you have to pay per click basis. This is also known as PPC program or Pay Per Click Program. The main job you have to do is to type the ad. You have nothing to do the ad serving part, that will take care by Google. You can rest assured that your ad will be served in best available places.

Steps for Data Entry Jobs

  • Open an account in Google Adwords. 
  • While signing up, choose starter edition. 
  • Next choose the merchant and products of which you are going to advertise. 
  • Choose right Keywords for the advertisement.Don't go for high paying key words. 
  • Set your monthly budget and per click amount. Please note that you have to remit the amount to Google in order to activate your advertisement. 
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the campaign. 
  • Type the advertisement text in the apprpriate place. 
  • Provide affiliate link in the required field. 
  • Provide the keywords you chosen 
  • Remit the required amount to Google. 
  • Watch report of the ad performance. 
  • If necessary, edit the ad.

AD Posting Jobs/ Form Filling Jobs

The job is to post ads on different free classified site. For doing this job, you have to sign up or register with a good reputable  site who will give you the ad posting jobs. For that they may charge one time registratin fees. There are Free sites also. They will provide you a special log in details through which you have to log in and start ad posting. They will pay you per ad posting basis. Please note that, all such sites are not paying. There are lot of fake sites in the internet. We have provided here details of some sites, which are really paying. We are also working with them.
Sign up or Register any such paying site.
  • Log in to that site.
  • collect the ads to be posted on behalf of that site
  • Search for a free classified sites where you can post ads. (usually the site provides the list of free classified sites). We have also provided a list of reputed Free Classified sites.
  • Sign up with such free classified site (Free of cost) and click on "Post Ad"
  • Fill up the embeded form and click on "Publish"
  • View the ad and if necessary, edit and re publish

Form Filling/Data Entry jobs on behalf of other companies

Another data entry or form filling jobs can also be done. Here also you have to sign up or register with a good reputable sites. They will provide you the works of form filling or data entry in a Form . These may be simple or complecated form. You will be paid per form basis.
For doing this job, follow steps as noted in A) above.Here is a list of data entry sites.

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