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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Click Exchange Program for Adsense

Hello friends , this tutorial is for those guys who has already created an account on adsense. If you haven't created the account on adsense yet then check this topic EARN ONLINE WITH ADSENSE .Moreover herez a trick for creating adsense account in few days .Approve adsense account in few days .Try it too for adsense approval.Anyways now come to the main tutorial. In this tutorial i m showing u that how can u increase your earning on google thru click exchange program.

What is Click Exchange Program ?

Its simple ,google doesnt allow u to click on ur own ads ..... so herez the solution u click on someone else blog and in return he will click on ur blog ..... but remember take much much care while doing so ..... if u do click exchange with just one person then google will disable u ....

Now read it carefully :

Now This Is The Most Important Part Of The Work Becoz If You Dont Work Properly Then Members Wont WOrk With YOu Again So Understand It Completely
  • MAke A Yahoo ID And Sign In Yahoo Messanger . 
  • Now post ur yahoo account here and add the other yahoo accounts posted here. 
  • After YOu Add The Members You See Different Messages Coming "free For Clicks". 
  • This Means Members Want To Work .

How To Work??

  • Before Start Working You Have To Understand Few Things 
              1. Ads
              2. Impressions ( imp )
              3. Bps
  • Members Will Work With Request Or Ask You To Req To Start Work
  • Request Will Be Like This Most Of The Time 3 Ads 30 imp 3 bps.
  • That Means You Have To Open Three Ads On The Blog Of That Member, refresh The Blog 30 times And Open 3 subpages On Each of The Add You Just Opened.
  • So In The Meanwhile The Member Will Do The Same For You.
  • How To Know That Others Are Not Cheating And Doing Your Work While You Are Doing His WOrk???
  • Counter Is For That Purpose Becoz IMP Are Counted By The Counter , When The Member Refreshes Your Page Your Counter Ticks So YOu Will KNow That The Member Is Working.
  • About Add And Bps For This There Is Another Solution.
  • When You Open An Add Eg: http//:www.forex.com/productsID66uhrguds55 
  • Copy And Paste The Add Link To The Other Member So That He Can Know What You Have Clicked On.
  • But Remember Donot Copy http And www Part Simply Copy From forex.com/productsID66uhrguds55 And Paste It.
  • Same Work With The Bps When YOu Open Bps In New Window Copy And Paste The Link And Send It To The Member.
  • This Way Cheating Is Avoided.

But remember :

  • Remember Never Click On YOur Own Add Becoz Your Account Will Be Closed Imediatly. 
  • 1st All Of The Users Here In This Community Start Working With Each Other To Practise The Method Of THe Work So That YOu DOnt Loose The Members.
  • If Anybody Form Gets Rejected Dont Worry Register Again With The Same Process.
  • On Forex Ads You Earn Almost 10 dollars On 25 Clicks On Ads.
  • That Means If 1 Members Click On Your 3 Ads 10 Members click On 30 Ads= 10+ Dollars.
  • If You Work With 10 Members In 1 Day It Means $10+ And 30 Days Means $300+.
  • And The More YOu WOrk The More YOu Earn.
 Having any problem can ask in the comments..... :))

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