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Thursday, August 5, 2010

What is Adsense Revenue Sharing Program

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What is Adsense Revenue Sharing Program

I have already posted about earning through google (adsense) in which i have completely explained about how to put the google ads on your blog.Now i am going to tell you about another way through which you can earn more using your adsense account.This method is particularly useful for those people who dont have a running blog so couldn't get much through adsense.This method is called Adsense Revenue Sharing program.

Have already heard anything about Revenue Sharing Sites?

Revenue Sharing Sites are sites which place ads (particularly from adsense) of its members throughout its website. The site ads and the member’s ads impressions will be divided according to the site’s rules. Revenue Sharing Sites can be a Social networking, Forum or Article Marketing Website.

Does it violate TOS of Adsense?

As of now, I haven’t found any conflicts of this concept to the TOS of Adsense. If you are worried that this might be an illegal way of earning in adsense then as of now, it is not directly define in any sentences within the TOS of adsense. There are a lot of Revenue Sharing sites that exist for a very long time now. A very popular Revenue Sharing Forum Site is the DP or Digital Points. DP is doing this concept for how many days and months still, there are no reports from its members of getting suspended by adsense because of joining the site. Getting to Know Revenue Sharing Sites As I have said, this kind of site can be in form of forum, social networking or article submission site. Adsense, as we all know can pay you by the number of page impression who have made with their adsense placing on it. In a forum revenue sharing site, it works based on your activity. If you post messages on discussions or making your own discussions, everytime a visitor hits and read that page and your ads is currently in display, you have a great chance on earning from it. The key on this kind of forum sites is to be active and make discussions that are interesting. For social networking site, it works when someone view your profile. Some other sites would offer a random placing of ads on the top of their every page. For article submission sites, it works when someone view your article. The ads will match to the article that you have made, so the possibility of ads getting click by the reader is very high.

If you are an adsense user and you think that your blog or website traffic is not enough to make a good traffic to earn with your adsense, you may want to try on joining to this Revenue Sharing Sites.
If you have any confusion about adsense revenue sharing program then ask here.

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Nice ..... but what is the benefit to the the sites who give revenue facility ??? :O

All revenue sharing sites have their policies like some sites have 50% ads policy,which means if you have make a post on some revenue sharing site and there are 20 clicks on the ads then 10 goes to your account and 10 goes to the webmaster.
Some sites have 75% policy means 3 out of 4 are yours and some also have 100 % .
I will post tutorial on how to do adsense revenue sharing soon.

I am new to blogging. Here is my blog
I have visited couple of Revenue sharing sites, but I wonder how to get ads for my blog.
Can anyone help please?

lolzzz its simple man .... first login on blogger then goto design n click on add a gadget then there is a gadget named adsense,add it to ur blog but for this u should be first approved from adsense

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