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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sim Cloning

How to clone Sim cards?
The information below has been complied from my research over the last few years through my experience and with help from others in the Gsm world.

Sim card cloning is illegal in some countries.This guide is for educational purposes only.

What hardware you will need ?

1. Sim card reader
2. Wafer card programmer
3. Empty sliver pic 2 card
4. Mains unregulated adapter
5. 9 Pin male to female extension cable

What software will you need ?
1. Cardinal 68
2. Card master
3. You will also need Sim emu

Step 1:

Plug your Sim Reader into your comport.Run cardinal and click where it says "click here" click Settings.Select your com/serial Port and the Baud Rate, press Close when done.Now left click where it says "click here" Go to smartcard from there click Sim editor.The program will start from the menu got to SIM then Sim Info and click the load button shown above.

You will see the "IMSI" Code after pressing load.Take note of the "IMSI" and keep it safe.Now close the Sim info window and from the menu go to Security then Find Key KI

Click start on the Find KI window and wait..It will take up to 4 hours to find the Ki.Take note of the "KI" and keep it safe.You are now finished reading the Ki and Imsi
STEP 2 :

Loading Sim Emu.Buy an Empty Silver Card.In the Unzipped/Unpacked file you will find

SEE50s.hex = Eeprom
SEF50sEN.hex = PIC

Connect the programmer to a com port and go to the setup menu and choose the appropriate com port, when this is done.There should be a yellow rectangle at the bottom of the program telling you there is no card.
Insert the smartcard to the programmer, the rectangle should now change colour to green.Choose Silver card from Card type.Push the open button and choose SEF50sEN.hex.Push the open button and choose SEE50s.hex.Press the edit menu and push Auto Program.Cutting the card.Configuring your card.Insert the Silver we have trimmed in to the phone it may ask for pin its 1111.

From the menu go to Sim Emu.From Sim Emu 5 Menu go to Set Phone #
Select GSM #1 or any Slot.Select Configure.Select Edit # .Edit GSM # X to any name.After done press OK then go to Config. PoS.It will ask for PIN2 its 1234.It will ask you what position you want that card to be Select a Position 1 to 8.It ask you to enter the IMSI You got from Cardinal.It ask you to enter the KI You got from Cardinal.It will ask you to enter you PUK enter any up to 8 Digits.It will ask you to enter you PUK enter any up to 4 Digit.

Exit the settings and go to Reset.Now you have cloned SIM CARD.

This post is only for information!!

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