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Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to protect your computer against spywares and keyloggers

I have been publishing a series of articles introducing you to some best Remote password hacking softwares and keyloggers,Most of people frequently ask me on How to protect your computer against spywares and keyloggers.

Spywares like Sniperspy and Remote spy are almost undetectble by an antivirus program,to protect your computer against these harmful spyware,Rats and keyloggers you need to install a good antispyware program

The following are some of the major risks of spywares:

1. Spyware programs are designed specifically to monitor and record your behaviors, such as track websites you visit online, or monitor your use of other web-based programs.

2. Hackers mainly use spywares to steal sensitive information such as email passwords and credit card data. So it is a must to have an anti-spyware installed on your computer. Antivirus isn’t just enough today!

3. Spyware is also capable of performing activities such as completely shutting down your computer, or permanently erasing or damaging files. Valuable client files could be destroyed in a blink of an eye, making this type of spyware threat high-risk.

Spywares are more dangerous than viruses so which antispyware software to choose?

Rafayhackingarticles Recommends the following Antispywares:

1.Spyware Cease:

Spyware Cease offers the technology-oriented protection against the latest spyware threats like keyloggers, Trojans, adware, malicious cookies tracking, browser hijackers, worms, phishing attacks and other malicious Internet Tracks & Password Thieves Cleaner One simple click to delete malicious cookies from your computer system so as to clear Internet Tracks completely and minimize password thieves to protect your privacy!spyware attacks

Spyware cease antispyware program has following features:

Real-Time Guard:
Spyware Cease offers the real-time guard function to protect your PC from potential threats, minimizing interruptions. Spyware Cease will inform you by displaying a popup on the bottom right of the screen, whenever any program attempts to modify registry, so that your PC is always protected against spyware threats.

Deep Scan:
Spyware Cease will completely scan your system registry and hard drives for spyware programs that installed on your PC. The free full scan will identify and list all threats.

Powerfully Remove Spyware 
After scanning, Spyware Cease will clean up all malicious spyware programs that can continually generate unwanted popups, slow down PC speed, and hijack homepage, etc. The spyware programs include but are not limited to:

Note: Please save and close all files or settings before deletion, for Spyware Cease will end up all running tasks firstly in order to completely remove spyware threats.

Auto & Scheduled Scan By default,
Spyware Cease will run a quick scan to the System Processes, Windows Directory and Users Directory for spyware programs. This is the most reliable way to clean up threats on your PC and restore your Internet confidence. Automatic scan can be scheduled by setting Schedule Task and Start time for the program to meet your need.

System Analysis 
 By diagnosing PC System drivers, System process, HOSTS files, System services and Windows registry, Spyware Cease will generate a text that shows all Windows system information. You can receive a customized solution for your specific problem on your individual system, once you forward the Analysis Report and Scan Results LSR.lsr to Spyware Cease support team.

For more information on this program and download details visit the following link:
Spyware cease.

Another alternative to Spyware cease is noadware,it is constantly updated to identify he latest threats to your privacy. The software will scan your PC for different Spyware, Adware, Dialers, and Web Bug traces. These items not only create nuisances in the form of popups, system slowdowns and crashes, but many items actually record personal information about you, such as credit cards, social security numbers, or other sensitive information.

For more information on this program and download details visit the following link
3.Zemana Antilogger
Zemana AntiLogger now covers pretty much every aspect of Windows including registry modification and dll injection prevention and protects Windows from other spyware-related techniques with Anti-Keylogger, Anti-SreeenLogger, Anti-WebLogger and Anti-ClipboardLogger tools of its own. Another useful feature this apps has is while-list approach (in contrast to Anti-Virus blacklist approach) meaning it automatically recognizes "safe" programs and does not treat them as "suspects"
My words on Zemana Antilogger. Grab it and do yourself a favor. Although with a similar goal like majority of Anti-Virus apps, this little utility offers much more advanced and different approach to protect one's computer from malware.
For more information on this program and download details visit the following link

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