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Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to create Fake login page for any website

Fake login page

A Fake Login Page is a page that exactly resembles the original login page of sites like Yahoo,Gmail etc.However, these Fake login pages are created just for the purpose of stealing other’s passwords. have changed their policies so you cant make fake page without a premium account.I have posted an updated version in my post "How to hack gaiaonline accounts"

In my last post hack yahoo using fake login page i showed you to create fake login page of yahoo..
But i was asked by many others that what about other sites, HOw would i create fake login page for other sites such as orkut,facebook,myspace,gmail and etc

So in this post i will show method to create Fake login page for desired site:

How to create fake login page - Procedure?

Now it's easy to build a Fake Login Pages without any knowledge of Programming Languages. One can use to build the Sign Up page.

{1} Open and Sign Up.
{2} then Login there with your newly registered account.
{3} now click on ‘ Create your first form’.
{4} Now delete all the pre-defined entries, just leave ‘First Name:’ (To delete entries, select the particular entry and then click on the cross sign.)
{5} Now Click on ‘First Name:’ (Exactly on First Name). Now the option to Edit the First Name is activated, type there “username:” (for Gmail) or YahooId: (for Yahoo)
{6} Now Click on ‘Power Tool’ Option (In right hand side…)
{7} Double click on ‘Password Box’. Now Click the newly form password entry to edit it. Rename it as ‘Password:’
{8} Now Click on ‘Properties’ Option (In right hand side…). These are the form properties.
{9} You can give any title to your form. This title is used to distinguish your forms. This Title cannot be seen by the victim.
{10} Now in Thank You URL you must put some link, like or anything. Actually after entering username & password, user will get redirect to this url.(Don’t leave it blank…)
{11} Now Click on ‘Save’. After saving, click on ‘Source’ Option.
{12} Now you can see two Options, namely ‘Option1′ & ‘Option2′. Copy the full code of ‘Option2′.
{13} Now open Notepad text editor and write the following code their.
Paste the Option2 code here
{14} And now save this as index.html. And then host it, mean you will have to put it on the internet so that everyone can view it. Now i think that you would be knowing it and if in case you do not know it please leave a comment with your email-id and i will mail you how to do it.
Now you can view it by typing the url in the address bar.

NOTE: If u want to send it to the internet, then first you will have to create a hosting account which you can create on and there are many other sites which you can find on the internet very easily.
I suppose that you created your account at
now login to your account then click on “File Manager”, then click on “upload files” or just “upload”. Then select the file which you want to send to the internet and click on upload. And you are done.
Now you can access you file on the net by just typing the url of the file.
And you will receive password of the users that login to your site through email-id which you’ve entered while creating the form.

Thats how you can create fake login page for your desired site,hope you enjoyed the post 

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hiee sir,
i am having a problem
i had created an account in
and also created the login page bt when i am opening it
i m getting a msg of form disabled or form does not pass status check ...
what should i do plese reply fast

sir and my email id is
please reply fast i m anxius to make a fake login page

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